Updates & Information

Through the summer we want to keep you updated and informed regarding the 2020-2021 school year.  Our Covid-19 Strategic Planning Committee is working to provide guidance to our board of directors that will ensure our back to school plans are in the best interest of the students, faculty and staff of New Covenant Academy. This committee consists of administrators, teachers, board members and medical professionals who are also NCA parents.  We encourage you to regularly check the NCA Dashboard as we will provide updates and information there. 

While we might not have final answers to all questions at this time, we do want to share what we can as it relates to frequently asked  questions we have received from our families. Given the fluidity of the COVID-19 landscape it is important to note that some protocols/procedures or answers below might be subject to revision as new information is made available between now and the start of the school year.  We encourage our families to submit questions that may not be listed below and we will do our best to either add it to our FAQs or respond directly to you. You can submit your question directly to msearson@newcovenant.net or by clicking here.

Q. When will the preliminary draft of the back to school information be available?

A. It is available now! Click here

Q.  Will we start the 2020-2021 school year in our facilities?

  1. Based on the most recent information as well as discussions with local health officials, it is our plan to start the school year in our facilities.

Q.  Will we be adjusting the start of school date?

  1. No.  We plan on August 24th being the first day of school.

Q.  Will students be required to wear masks during the school day?

  1. We will follow the Springfield City Ordinance which requires individuals age 12 and above to wear masks.

Q.  Will the school be taking student temperatures before they enter the building?

  1.  This is being discussed by the committee.  While it would be labor intensive, it could be done.  Regardless if temperatures are taken by the school, all students/faculty/staff will be expected to monitor their health and not come to school if they are experiencing specific symptoms. A list of screening questions will also be asked prior to guests being allowed entry.    

Q.  What steps is NCA taking in the area of prevention?

  1. This will be a major area of focus. Through the summer plans and protocols will be developed. Below is a broad overview of some of these areas:

    • Student/faculty/staff COVID prevention education 

    • Regular cleaning/disinfecting of our facilities (by custodial staff and in some cases faculty/students/staff)

    • Classroom environment 

      1. Maximizing physical space in rooms (removing unnecessary furniture)

      2. Desks spaced as much as possible and pointed the same direction

      3. Disinfecting of student spaces 

    • Non-classroom spaces (hallways, bathrooms, cafeteria, gym, locker rooms, playground).

      1. Implementation of procedures addressing movement throughout buildings

      2. Implementation of procedures addressing social distancing to the extent we are able 

      3. Addressing large group settings...lunch, chapel, choir/band, recess, busses 

Q.  What would constitute the need for NCA to pivot to virtual learning?

  1. Our committee (with our own medical professionals and input from Greene County Health Department) is working on this criteria. One criteria example might be a specified percentage of confirmed/suspected cases in our school.  

Q.  How will NCA respond to someone exhibiting symptoms during the school day or if we are made aware of a confirmed case of COVID?

  1. We will follow specific protocols and procedures for both scenarios that have been provided by national, state and local health officials. 

  • Examples include: 

    • Designated space for isolating symptomatic individual until they can leave our building

    • Protocol for cleaning areas impacted by those individuals

    • Protocols for return to school after displaying symptoms

    • Protocols for those who may have been exposed (health department will be involved in any confirmed cases)