Hello from Intermediate!

Resource Sites
FreeRice-vocab, math, geography, chemistry
Khan Academy-math, science, history, computer
Mr. Nussbaum-math, geography, lang. arts, history, more
ReadWriteThink-templates for writing
Sheppard Software-math, geography, history, lang. arts
ThatQuiz-math, geometry, vocab., geography, science
Google Class Meeting Times (
  • Your teachers will be available virtually in Google Meet at the following times this week. Our new class schedule is below. 
  •  If you can’t get on at those times, you can check for the recorded video lesson & watch it at your own convenience. We will NOT be taking attendance. Just join when you can!  

  • We don’t imagine the class meetings will last an hour, so kids can take a break in between. When students have got what they need, they can log out.  We just want to be available to help with lessons, share ideas, book reports, comments, etc. 

  • When students log on to Google Meet, they should bring whatever class materials they have. 

  • Warriors Need Time Meet will not be instructional. It’ll just be a time to touch base & maintain our relationships. :)   


5th grade schedule - Mon, Tues, Thur, Fri

Class        Google Meet Code          Time 

Science         NCAScience5th                 9:00am

History           NCAHistory5th                  10:00am

Math              NCAMath5th                      11:00am

Bible              NCABible5th                      1:00pm

ComArts       NCAComArts5th                 2:00pm


6th grade schedule

Class          Google Meet Code       Time

ComArts          NCAComArts6th            9:00am

Bible                NCABible6th                 10:00am

Science           NCAScience6th            11:00 am

Geography      NCAGeo6th                  12:00 pm

Math                NCAMath6th                  2:00 pm

Wednesday ONLY:
Class          Google Meet Code       Time
CHAPEL       IMChapel                  10:00am

WNT  ----> Log on to see any teacher you need 11:00am

Bex               NCAWNT51

Marshall       NCAWNT 52 

Freese         NCAWNT61

Bennett        NCAWNT62

Dille             NCAWNT63