Technology Initiative

...stimulate, motivate, influence, energize encourage someone to reach new heights, create new things, explore new ideas

Our mission at NCA is clear: to equip students with the tools, knowledge and leadership skills to impact their world for Christ.  As it relates to technology, our goal is that students will develop the competency necessary to use emerging technologies in project-based, interactive, engaged learning and assessment. In accordance with that theme, the term “Inspire” comes to mind. The best educators are those who inspire us to go beyond, to think deeply, to solve problems, to create and use our talents in new ways.  The dedicated faculty and staff have expressed their desire to use even more technology to help their students reach new educational goals.  

The Inspire initiative will build upon the solid technology foundation already in place. The Inspire program seeks to provide:

  • More access to online educational resources through expanded network capabilities, Chromebooks and a Bring IT-BYOD program

  • Regular technology education for students and the opportunity to access more educational online resources

  • Expanded professional development opportunities  for faculty and staff

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Parents signed a technology agreement through Online Enrollment.  Students will sign the age-appropriate agreement at school in the first weeks of class.
  • JK-2nd Acceptable Use Agreement
  • 3rd-6th Grade Acceptable Use Agreement
  • 7th-8th Grade Acceptable Use Agreement
  • 9th-12th Grade Acceptable Use Agreement

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