This year, NCA is formalizing the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) program, enabling students in grades 5-12 to bring wireless devices to supplement school owned technology. This program is entirely voluntary and designed to provide more accessibility to online educational resources.  Parents signed a technology agreement at the time of school enrollment. In order to use technology resources at school, all students must sign the age appropriate Acceptable Use Policy Agreement.  Additionally, participants in the BYOD program must agree to and complete the BYOD Liability Release form.  

The intent for the BYOD program is that devices will support educational goals.  

As such:

  • Devices must be Internet capable

  • Devices can include:  Chromebooks, laptops, tablets or smartphones

  • Devices must be capable of input, as in a keyboard.  Students will be creating digital material, not simply accessing educational resources.

  • The student accepts full responsibility for the device. The school is not responsible for theft, damage or loss of the device.

  • BYOD participants should be comfortable with the device and its operation.

  • Must sign the BYOD agreement before connecting to the filtered NCA wireless network

  • Devices may not use a personal wireless connection without prior permission

  • The recommended device is a Chromebook.

Use IT

  • Instructions will be provided on how to connect to the school wireless network

  • Beyond wireless connections, NCA will not provide technical support for BYOD devices

  • Students need to bring the device to school fully charged, every day

  • Google Classroom relies on “sharing” digital material rather than printing. However, there are times when it is necessary to print.  Students may log on to school computers to print.

Park IT

  • As always, NCA teachers direct the learning activities, digital or otherwise  

  • Teachers will say “Park it” to announce devices down and/or closed

  • Teachers will be monitoring device use and will set appropriate guidelines

  • Violations of the teacher expectations will result in loss of technology use privilege

Pack IT

  • “Pack it” means to put the devices away

  • Devices must be turned to “Airplane mode” or “Off”

  • Once stowed, students are not to be checking or handling the device

Bring IT-BYOD Forms
  • Click here  to complete the online BYOD Liability Release Form
  • Click here to print the BYOD Liability Release Form