Tech Ed


NCA students will develop the competency necessary to use emerging technologies in problem-based, interactive, engaged learning and assessment.

  • NCA uses Google Apps for Education, an educational suite of productivity and collaborative tools

  • Elementary will receive 30 min of Tech Time training every week

  • Tech Trax, a new Middle School exploratory course will include project-based technology training based on STEAM initiatives. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

  • Intermediate, Middle School and High School coursework covers instruction on Microsoft Office products, Google Apps products and a variety of creative software applications
  • Teachers and staff will have continued opportunities to participate in technology-related professional development
  • Students will take age-appropriate basic keyboarding

What will the elementary students be doing in Tech Time?
Program overview:
Students in the lower elementary will learn:
  • The basics of how computers work
  • Internet and online safety guidelines
  • How to access and evaluate educational websites
  • Basic keyboarding skills, with respect to age appropriateness
  • How to create documents, presentations and digital artwork
Additionally, upper elementary students will learn:
  • Computer and Internet history
  • How networks and the Internet work
  • Basic binary code as it relates to software
  • How to identify plagiarism and avoid copyright infringement
  • To use basic spreadsheet applications to create charts and graphs
  • How to edit photos
  • How to use online simulation tools to solve problems
Technology training supports classroom objectives.