Nurses Office

Contact Information

Main Campus
3304 S. Cox Ave. 
Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: 417-887-9848 ext. 411
Fax: 417-887-2419

Liberty Campus
3581 S. Kansas Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: 417-720-1816 ext. 2112
Fax: 417-720-1407

Meet the School Nurses

Melissa Tourville,RN
(M. W. F.)

Kaitlyn Tolley, RN  
(T. TH.)

Health Focus of the Month

This month we are focusing on being active! Encourage your students to be a part of the Fit and Fun challenge and travel Route 66 with us. Check out the links below for the activity trackers. 

Helpful Resources